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 A Complete Course on AutoCAD 3D is divided into four sections that range from introductory to advanced. Each section contains about 10-20 lessons and assignments detailing instruction in accurate input, orthographic projection, polylines, line thickness, and grip editing, to name a few subjects. Each of the four levels also contains a quiz at the end; learners may click a link to check their answers and receive the correct responses to any questions they answered incorrectly.

AutoCAD 3D is the most prominent Computer Aided Design (CAD) project created to help experts to plan items, architectural examples or 3D structures. The course goal is to educate the candidates about the essential directions important to make three dimensional models in different fields. Members will learn CAD essentials and the abilities to change 2D Drawings to 3D drawings.

Why should you learn? 

3D demonstrations are being favored by clients, as well as by specialists and fashioners on the grounds that they offer numerous preferences over the customary 2D outline. In this way, you have to learn 3D CAD, and Autocad is one of the best utilized 3D CAD devices as a part of the business. AutoCAD has numerous in-constructed features to help specialists, directors or architects chip away at individual activities or tasks. Autocad assists you with creating drawings in which we can have exact estimations and accuracy.

Learning Objectives:

At DIYguru, we help you ace the accompanying features of Autocad 3D:

  • Surface Designing
  • Solid Designing
  • Mesh Primitives
  • Working with contraptions
  • Altering 3d segments
  • implementing materials
  • Cameras
  • Brightness and Contrasts
  • Mastering renditions

Learning Outcome:

In the wake of finishing this course, candidates will have the capacity to

  • Navigate through the interface easily
  • Use the essential elements and accuracy drafting devices in AutoCAD to create precise specialized drawings.
  • Create appealing outlines in 3D environment.
  • Take practical yields for presentation

Course Duration :

4 Weeks

Course Certificate : 

Provided to those course takers, who successfully complete the course with 60% marks.

Sample Certificate :

Course Curriculum

CAD LEVEL 1 - Getting Started with AutoCAD
CAD LEVEL 2 - Intermediate AutoCAD
CAD LEVEL 3 - Introduction to 3D Drafting
CAD LEVEL 4 - Advanced CAD& Other Topics

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    Top Rated Course

    Course Reviews

    • Automotive Engineering for Competition – BAJA SAE

      Outstanding! 5

      They were not kidding when they said the course was "demanding". I spent at least 2 hours daily working on the course and this course week took me a month to complete. The problem sets are designed in such a way that one is forced to read and do further research to accomplish them. The sense of satisfaction I gained from completing each problem set was tremendous and even though the learning curve is steep (to say the least), I am now comfortable in my understanding of the basics of Automotive. I guarantee you will be pulling your hair out sometimes if you take this course, but you will have tremendous fun most of the time and the sense of accomplishment is exhilarating!
      Prateek Jain
    • Automotive Engineering for Competition – BAJA SAE

      Well Arranged Course 5

      Helped a lot :-)
      Adithya Vinod
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