ASDC Examination_DIYguru EV Nanodegree Program

EV Nanodegree Final Exam - ASDC



Steps For Accessing Your Exam Online:

  • Close all programs, including email
  • Enter the details as asked in the form.
  • Click “Start” at the bottom of the screen.

Before starting the exam:

Please verify that the student details are submitted correctly within the Form ID box.

During the exam:

  • The student may not use his or her textbook, course notes, or receive help from a proctor or any other outside source.
  • Keep your video on, joining DIYguru WebeX Link
  • The time duration is 2 hours to attempt all questions.
  • Students must complete the 69 question multiple-choice exam within the 120-minute time frame allotted for the exam.
  • The test is of total 100 marks.
  • Students must not stop the session and then return to it. This is especially important in the online environment where the system will “time-out” and not allow the student or you to reenter the exam site.

What to do if your online exam is interrupted

  • If your online exam is interrupted, never click the “Back” button on your web browser to see if you can return to the exam. Follow the instructions below to resume taking the exam. Note: Answers are saved by the system in 10-minute intervals. If you have to log back in to complete your exam, your prior answers will remain from the last system-save.
  • Reconnect to the Internet and log back into DIYguru.
  • Follow your original instructions to access the exam login page.

Minimum Browser Requirements

Internet Explorer 9, Firefox 1, or Google Chrome are required to log into the exam


If you have any questions, please contact an academic advisor at 99109-18719 or email

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