WHAT is nano degree?

DIYguru is an online worldwide community for young learners from all around the world to dig into the ecosphere of technology. With its vast array of online courses to choose from. These courses are put together for all curious minds looking forward to establishing a career in the field of computer sciences.

Nanodegree Programs are industry-recognized credential premeditated for students to groove their skills or establish their career. With the cooperative effort of our proficient teams and industry leaders, Nanodegree Programs are curated to provide a proactive learning skill of forthcoming and contemporary computer technologies.

Nanodegree Program focuses broadly on job-readiness and covers every fundamental skill required to becoming successful in your career. The Nanodegree Programs profoundly focus on present industry necessities and career outcomes. The Nanodegree Programs are divided into topic-wise modules which in turn comprise of short video lectures, exercises, quizzes, and projects to enhance the conception of the topic. The courses are imparted by highly intellectual mentors who have appropriate industrial experience. Industry-relevant in the curriculum certifies that the students are prepared to take up industrial challenges. The Nanodegree programs enable students to network one-on-one with various industry experts as a form of mentorship support to the students.


WHAT are the learning outcomes?

  • To start from scratch! And make you gain all major skills to be a successful data analyst.
  • To make you feel motivated and encouraged and gather the theoretical background knowledge necessary for the learning process of python and data analytics.
  • To make you understand the data. To make you understand the requirements and to make your experience, how you can use your domain to upskill your job opportunities.
  • To understand and work on essential libraries of data analysis.
  • To understand and work on the concepts of data wrangling, data filtering, data cleaning, data transformation, shaping, combining, plotting, and aggregation.
  • To work with practical examples and understand all major functions you require to analyze data.
  • To combine the knowledge of python with data analysis and utilizing the python data structures to understand and manipulate data.
  • to make your work and understand the visualization libraries, with the aim to report and present the analyzed data more efficiently.
  • To give you the necessary skills, if you want to pursue higher education the field of data science, machine learning, neural networks, and statistics.

WHY should I become Data Analyst?

  • More than 97,000 analytics positions remain vacant in India due to the shortage of talent.
  • Opportunities for freshers have also increased with openings for them accounting for 21% of analytics jobs, compared to 17% last year.
  • Hari Krishnan Nair, Co-founder, Great Learning said: A 45% increase in the supply gap in just one year indicates the pace at which businesses are adopting analytics and data-based decision making.
  • According to the report, the median salary being offered for analytics jobs in India is INR 11.5 lakhs/annum.
  • Around 23% of all advertised jobs last year we're offering more than INR 15 Lakhs as opposed to 20% a year ago.
  • According to the report, demand for Python is the highest amongst all the recruiters.
  • Currently, more than 75,000 jobs for data analysts in India are vacant!
  • Data analysts with more than 5 years of experience often earn up to 15 lakhs per annum. Senior data analysts with more than 10 years of experience could earn above 20 lakhs per annum.

PROGRAM Highlights

Download Syllabus

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WHAT & HOW will you learn?

STEP 1: Introduction to PYTHON and Data Analysis

In this course, students will be introduced to the python programming language and the concept of data analysis. How data analysis has become one of the most important skills for students in different areas. How data analysis and Python, is useful in every domain, ranging from mathematics to physics, from computer science to electrical engineers. Every second company works with data, and so, requires, professionals, who can understand their data and can play with them! This course will bring out the understanding and motivation to start a career in data analysis using python.

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STEP 2: Basics of PYTHON

This course will focus on the basics of the python language. Since python is currently the most used language for data analysis, it is essential to cover all basics of python language. This course will start from level zero and will take students to the level, where students could program independently and implement the concept of variables, user inputs, loops, error handling, operations, conditionals, functions, and statements. Students will be working on the number of assignments and develop smart programs. The focus will be to bring confidence among students, to upskill themselves to higher python programming expertise.

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STEP 3: PYTHON Intermediate- Data Structures

Working with python basics will give students to flexibility to upskill and upgrade their python knowledge to a higher level. This will give you more understanding of analyzing and manipulation data with python concepts in more detail. This course will take the student’s expertise to the next level, where students would be able with more advanced examples and more sophisticated concepts. The students will work on essential concepts of strings, file systems, lists, dictionaries, and tuples. Moreover, the students will work with a large number of examples and will be given numerous tasks and assignments. These courses will enable students to analyze and work with apparently endless data! students will be able to work independently over a large number of sophisticated applications. These data structures will build a strong foundation for the ideal start of data analytics.

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STEP 4: PYTHON Advanced

The course on advanced python will enable students to be ideal candidates for python developer profiles. This course will help students to think beyond the commonly used algorithms and concepts. Students will be able to work on topics, such that, they could retrieve and process databases right from the web! Students will work, extract, and access the data from the web APIs. In order to access different data forms, students will be taught the art of ‘regular expressions’ so as to define their own formula to retrieve the text from the thousands of data lines over any website. Students will work on different protocols and will implement their learning ver different web data formats. Students will be introduced the concept of OOPs programming in python and SQL.

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STEP 5: Data Analytics Basic: Numpy and Introduction to Pandas

With the perfect knowledge in the python programming language, here comes the perfect time to make the transition into the domain of data analytics. The beginning of the course will enable students to recollect and revise the previously learned python structures, necessary to begin with data analytics. One of the most important libraries to be able to understand data is the library Numpy. Understanding data in the form of arrays and accessing them and manipulating them in array form will give you the foundation to learn higher-level libraries incoming courses. This course will focus on giving students that essential foundation. The students will then dive into the heart of analysis! The pandas! Students will cover the concepts of series, data frames, and performing essential operations and manipulations indexing, filtering, sorting, correlating arithmetic, and so on.

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STEP 6: Data Analytics Intermediate

In this course, students will work more extensively on analyzing data.students will work on the main areas of data loading, cleaning, preparation, data wrangling, transforming data, and data aggregation. The actual analysis comes here! Students will work on numerous examples, and will continuously work on random datasets to see how each function is applicable. This course will cover the actual analysis of datasets and will be able to apply the functions and algorithms in any possible manner based on their requirements. Finally, students will cover the concept of ‘time-series’ enabling students to analyze stuff in different terms of time intervals.

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STEP 7: Data Visualization

This course will give students the kickstart! A push to dive into the world of visualizations. Certainly, this course will be the easiest of all, as the actual analysis has been previously done in the past courses. Students will learn, how to report and present their results with the use of graphs and charts. The most fundamental library ‘matplotlib’ will be the main library we will focus on here. Students will then be introduced to the ‘seaborn’ library, easing out the visualization tasks. Students will work on different graph types of line plot, histogram, density plot, scatter, bar plots, and point plots. Since matplotlib and seaborn have limited usage, students will be introduced with the more advanced and interactive library of ‘plotly’, where students will work on more interactive visualization methods. From there, students are free to explore more on their own ... a perfect ending!

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HOW can you earn?

DIYguru will feel proud to awards the Degree of competency in ‘Specialization in Data Analytics with PYTHON’ to only those aspirants who have 100% completed their online module and passed the final examination.


WHAT is the value of this degree in the market?

DIYguru proficiency degree is highly valuable by industry giants namely Robert Bosch; Maruti Suzuki; Hyundai Motors, are the name of few, which is why DIYguru earnt degree, are secured with a unique certificate ID. To check the validation of the degree, check out the footer section of the home page.   


HOW can you get the degree?

Degree will be emailed to you after you passed the final online examination. In case, your degree didn't receive within one week after evaluation feel free to write to us at, our team will help you out.

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