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INDUSTRY 4.0 Competent Certification Courses

As you know industry 4.0 is all about CASE that is (Connected; Autonomous; Shared and Electrification), DIYguru has taken a step forward and bound on a mission to upskill a million people. DIYguru’s programs are highly focused on an application-based study which is far better than the conventional way of grabbing knowledge. As a result of which our all programs are online and self-paced. DIYguru gives an opportunity to grab the required skill to achieve excellence in the industry 4.0 scenario under one roof.

Here is the list of courses you can enrol right now:

Electric Vehicle Engineering (fundamentals): This program will help you to gain a basic understanding of electric vehicles and their subcomponents; basic calculations on vehicle dynamics and understanding the effects of the external forces over battery and motor calculations.

Vehicle Dynamics: This course will make you understand the science behind the vehicle behaviours. You will get to know about static and dynamic forces acting during vehicle motion along with suspension and steering behaviours during endurance and manoeuvrability.

BS 6 Emission Technology: This course will drive you through all the concepts & technical advancements which have been made to control emissions and follow the norms.

Automotive Sketching: This course will make you aware of the fundamentals of drawing and sketching a whole automotive with minute technicalities and concepts.

ANSYS – FEA/FEM Fundamentals: This course will help to understand the logic behind the designer’s mind. This course will provide you with the power of optimization of the parts which you are going to develop. Optimization is the key to the success of any model and this program teaches you that.

CATIA – Computer-Aided Design & Drafting: This program will help you to understand a fundamental understanding of creating a CAD image it may as small as a battery or as large as a complete chassis.

Multibody Dynamics: No automobile is completed without the MBD analysis, this program will give a finishing touch to the program. This include suspension designing and optimizing the hardpoints.

BAJA Virtual Preparations: This course will guide you to get all the necessary know-how of the automobile and BAJA ATV development. This course is curated by the mentors & instructors of BAJA Tutor while keeping in mind the needs of university students participating in BAJA SAE & other ATV events.

SolidWorks: This program is especially for students participating in SAE BAJA, SUPRA, Formula Bharat, etc. This program will go through the designing of the roll cage to all aspects which are needed to achieve excellence in any of the student college level event.

LabVIEW Industrial Programming: This program is the most used programs for electronics. LabVIEW can be used to perform a huge number of mathematical and logic functions, including, but certainly not limited to: basic arithmetic, if/then/else if conditional statements, case statements, etc.

MATLAB Fundamentals: This program will help you to understand the fundamental programming skills of MATLAB. This software is the first step towards the advance simulation of an electric vehicle and other Industry 4.0 projects.

Fundamentals of Automobile Engineering: This program will drive to understand the complete fundamentals about an automobile, functionalities of its components, their working principles and underlined concepts about this interesting machine.

Additive Manufacturing Course: This program will make to think out of the box, knowledge of this technology will give you the power to make your imagination into reality using your creativity and skills.

Solar Power Plant Designing: This course will make your mind drift to a new world of renewable energies. Learn to design a complete power plant and open the door of new opportunities in career and learn about challenges for entrepreneurs.

BMS – Battery Management System: This program will get you aware of all the functionalities of BMS and the hidden concepts of balancing and controlling. Now, this course will clear your concepts of EV Batteries and the control algorithms.

PYTHON for Mechanical Engineers: This program is the most easily adaptable programming language. It is obvious that Industry 4.0 is more of an electronics and electricals so for control algorithms, the knowledge of PYTHON language is the must.

Specialization in Data Analytics by Python Programming Language: This course will let you combine the knowledge of PYTHON Programming Language with DATA Analytics and create wonders with that in your career.

Electric Vehicle Powertrain Design Engineering: This course will let you to deep dive and get more close to EV’s. With the knowledge of simulations and modelling, this will grow your aura and open more ways to think about electric mobility solutions.

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