BAJA Tutor was Launched by University Students

BajaTutor is a group of ATV enthusiasts, most of whom are BAJA Alumni and some have been involved in organization of SAE BAJA previously. It is a non-profit group to support and assist aspirants of BAJA.

BajaTutor was established in 2014 by a group of BAJA Alumni, who in their experience felt the sting of inefficient mentorship and lack of proper study materials required for ATV making. Being bugged by queries of fellow aspirants over the previous years, they felt the need of having a database where fresh minds can find and enhance their understanding about ATV making; at the same time receive the much needed technical help which is very scare in this respective field. Thus BAJA Tutor provides a forum where young enthusiasts can find study material and discuss regarding a query, thereby facilitating there preparation and quality of performance in the BAJA event. Free article and mentorship provided by BAJA Tutor experts acts as a support for students who do not have access or lack the finance to afford the much needed study material and expert mentorship; required for sound ATV making.

May 11, 2021

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