Impact of Electric Vehicles on Indian Power Grid
06 March 2022 | 4 PM Onwards

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DIYguru presents an exclusive session on the Impact of Electric Vehicles on the Indian Power Grid.

India being the 3rd largest producer of electricity in the world, the session incorporates the overview of the Indian Power System and how it is presently sourcing and fulfilling the entire power consumption of India.

The per capita electricity consumption is comparatively low compared to other countries of the World. Despite this the electricity pricing is low and thus it is important to understand how the rapidly developing charging infrastructure will impact the existing power grid of India.

The audience will gain an intensive knowledge on the current EV scenario and the market trends governed by the electric vehicle industry and the subsequent impact on the Indian power grid while absorbing the rising electric vehicle tides.

Key takeaways:

    1. Overview of Indian Power System.

    2. Existing Electric Vehicle  Scenario and Network.

    3. Battery Charging Market.

    4. Charging Infrastructure and its Growth Aspects.

    5. Future Electric Vehicle Growth and its impact on Existing Indian Power Grid.

🗓️ Date: 06th March 2022
⏰ Time: 4 PM Onwards
💻 Platform: WebEx

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February 28, 2022

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